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We are very honored to receive reviews by fellow bloggers and tea lovers! 

Black Cat Bytes:

Peachy White Tea - "I am happy to say that as a result, I am elated *dodges bricks* to try all the other teas their shop has to offer!" ... (Click here to read more.)

Books & Tea: 

Green Delight Tea: It smelled AND tasted fresh and fruity and juicy... (Click here to read more.) 

Brew What You Love:

Cream of White Coconut Tea: "When steeping, you are immediately hit with a tropical aroma due to the coconut, but it still has a very light scent that seems to be pretty characteristic of the white tea blends I’ve tried thus far."... (Click here to read more.)

Moroccan Mint Tea: "It’s been a while, but I have something to share with you! I have a new favorite tea from Tealated called Moroccan Mint Green Tea, so I wanted to post a quick review." ...   (Click here to read more.)


Moroccan Mint Tea: "This tea makes you feel warm and cozy.  The blended mint combo doesn’t overpower you and knock you over.  But is gentle and subtle." ...   (Click here to read more.)

Iced Tea: Easy & Delicious Recipes and How to: "With the summer months upon us. . .one of the best ways to sit, relax, and enjoy the weather is with a nice glass of iced tea." ...   (Click here to read more.) 

Peachy White Tea: Peachy White Tea - A tea that tastes like white wine.... (Click here to read more.)


Cream of Earl Grey Tea: "The red infusion has a heady aroma of vanilla cream and bergamot with a bold bergamot and light vanilla taste, moderate astringency, and a long citrus finish."...  (Click here to read more.)

SororiTea Sisters: 

 Cream of Earl Grey Tea: "I was excited to taste a new Earl Grey from a new-to-me tea company!  And this is a really tasty Cream of Earl Grey!  There is a nice balance between bergamot and creamy vanilla."...  (Click here to read more.)

Chai: "Yeah!  I’m liking this chai!"...  (Click here to read more.)

Tea Guy Speaks:

Tea Business Spotlight: Welcome to the eighteenth of our tea business spotlights... (Click here to read more.)

The Mom Shopping Network: Spotlight Mom Interview - Rosanne Muncy with Tealated... (Click here to read more.)

Tracy's Afternoon Tea:

Black Supreme Tea: "I received a sample of this tea with another recent order, and after tasting it all I can say is that it lives up to its name – it’s supremely good."...  (Click here to read more.)

Cream of White Coconut Tea: "Be prepared to be amazed at this tea!"...  (Click here to read more.)

Green Delight Tea: "This tea certainly was a delight when I opened the packet and took in the intoxicating wafts of fruit which smelled so fresh and natural."...  (Click here to read more.) 

 Peachy White Tea: "When I opened the packet the aroma was sweet and mellow with the fresh tang of sun ripened peaches."...  (Click here to read more.)

Takeya Iced Tea Maker: "The Takeya iced tea maker uses patented flash chill technology which means that the brewed tea is chilled in seconds."...  (Click here to read more.)

Teacups and Blossoms: Video Review on Apple Pie Delight Tea and Minty Dark Chocolate Tea below:

 Teas Me: Video Review on Cream of White Coconut Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea below:


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