Why Loose Leaf?

Why do some people prefer loose leaf over teabags? What is the difference anyway? We have had many people ask us why we only sell loose tea and the general answer is because of the quality. However, there are other reasons to enjoy your tea loose. The following are why we believe loose tea is much better than tea in bags:

  1. Quality: Loose tea is usually a much higher quality than the tea you find in convenient tea bags. Loose tea consists of hand-picked buds, whole leaves, or pieces of leaves from the camillia sinensis plant. Mass produced tea in teabags usually consists of lower quality tea dust or fannings. Tea in teabags can also release more tannins which result in bitter tea.
  2. Tea Needs Room: Tea needs room for it to expand and is incapable of doing so in cheap, commercial tea bags. Even the higher quality pyramid bags do not allow enough room for the tea to fully expand and release their full flavor, body, and aroma. That is why we sell large tea filter bags and brewing baskets.
  3. Freshness: Most of the mass-produced teabags are basically stale and old. They can be up to two years old. Most people don't know what fresh tea tastes like and fall in love with tea once they experience fresh, loose tea.
  4. Costs Less per Serving: Quality, loose tea can be re-steeped multiple times and therefore cost less per serving. 
  5. Eco-Friendly: Loose Tea is packaged in bulk in recyclable tea tins. Tea bags however, are in the bag itself, a cellophane wrapper around the tea bag, have a string with a tag on the end, all packaged inside of a box which often times is also wrapped in cellophane.

Loose leaf tea is higher quality, fresher, costs less, and is more environmentally friendly than teabags. If you prefer the convenience of a teabag, you can purchase our Finum Large Tea Filter Bags to take your tea on the go. Share some tea love and gift some tea filters with loose tea to a friend so they can experience quality tea. I always say, "Share tea, share love!".

Raising my cup to you,


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